Haas is an inspired paper artist, renowned for her unique ability to harness the malleability, tactility, and texture of paper to create captivating contemporary sculptural works. Her oeuvre is a testament to the wide-ranging possibilities of paper as a medium, wherein she deftly blends handmade paper pulps and an eclectic selection of papers to explore the nuances of their versatility.

Informed by a mastery of techniques such as papering, lettering, tearing, cutting, painting, pressing, molding, and folding, Haas imbues her work with a painterly quality. With an adept hand, she transforms the physical properties of paper to create a dynamic and nuanced narrative. Haas' creations, with their rough, textured, and raw surfaces, bespeak a deliberate, aesthetic choice to elevate the value of paper to the forefront of her work.

Through her art, Haas offers a profound meditation on the possibilities of her essence, exploring the intricate relationship between the medium and the message. Her work engages with the deep philosophical questions around the ontology of art and the ways in which materiality can instill meaning into the art object. Her use of a mixture of materials results in visually appealing paper fabrications that are steeped with a profound depth of meaning.

lesleyhaas.com     MEDIUM OF PAPER

Cardboard,Paper,Paint,Gauze, Organza,Shifu,Thread,Cotton String
19“x24“x6“ / 66x84x15 cm